Q:  Why should I consider Tools4Church?

A:  Simplicity and power. Tools4Church gives you the information you need to do the work of ministry through an easy-to-use interface that’s as near as your phone.


Q:  Does Tools4Church replace my existing church database? Will I have to learn a new system?

A:  No. Tools4Church connects to existing church databases, enhancing and expanding their capabilities. The Tools4Church app and its functionality will require learning; however, you’ll continue using your church database the way you always have.


Q:  Which church databases does Tools4Church support?

A:  Tools4Church Financial Analytics works with any database that can export contribution data to a spreadsheet. In addition, Tools4Church Financial Analytics offers special integration with ACS On Demand, Breeze, Church Windows, FellowshipOne Go, Fellowship One Premier, Planning Center, Shelby Arena, ShelbyNext, and Shelby v5. Tools4Church Pastoral Care works with ACS On Demand, Breeze, Fellowship One Premier, Planning Center, Shelby Arena (self-hosted), and Shelby v5. Tools4Church Mobile Access works best with ACS On Demand, Breeze, Fellowship One Premier, Planning Center, Shelby Arena, and Shelby v5, and it can be configured to work with any database that can download member data to a spreadsheet.


Q:  How much will it cost?

A:  The cost for Tools4Church includes a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription fee which varies by size of church budget and tool licensed (i.e. Mobile Tool, Pastoral Care Tool, Financial Analytics Tool). See https://tools4church.com/pricing for more information.


Q:  Why should I trust Calm Seas Software with our church’s confidential data?

A:  Trust and confidentiality form the bedrock of ministry and good business. Calm Seas Software, the maker of Tools4Church, was founded and is owned by Rev. Rich Rindfuss, a United Methodist Pastor with nearly 20 years of experience serving in local churches. Rich brings the same commitment to confidentiality and trustworthy practices to Calm Seas Software that he brought to pastoral ministry. To learn specifically how we handle and protect your data, see our Privacy Policy.


Q:  What about data security?

A:  Tools4Church uses a multi-layered approach to security. Each church has its own independent database, separating every church’s data from the data of every other church. Tools4Church stores credentials (user IDs and passwords) for accessing a church’s ChMS (ACS, FellowshipOne, etc.) in a special database only accessible by the Tools4Church app. Any time data moves it’s encrypted: between the Tools4Church server and a church’s ChMS, between the Tools4Church server and a user’s browser, and internally between Tools4Church servers. Data stored by Tools4Church is backed up nightly.


Q:  What other products and services does Calm Seas Software offer?

A:  Calm Seas Software can help with any project that involves creating or modifying software: enhancing websites, building apps, writing database queries and reports, migrating from one church database to another, making different systems “talk” to each other, and more. E-mail projects@CalmSeasSoftware.com to set up a free consultation.